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                  Jaspal Public Company Limited is a leading fashion retail company engaging in designing, manufacturing and marketing of several leading clothing and accessories brands. Our success and growth comes both from our own brands including: ROYAL IVY REGATTA, CPS CHAPS, CC-OO, JASPAL, Misty Mynx, LYN, LYN AROUND, LYN BEAUTY, JELLY BUNNY, QUINN, V EYEWEAR, ASICS, MELISSA JELLY DREAMS and SHOEBAR.

                  While keeping up a strong brand image, the company has entered the regional market by franchising the brands outlets throughout the Asia market, as well as other major cities in the world. With around 2,350 professional employees working in teams dedicated to each product line and a network of more than 350 retail shops/corners in major department stores, the Company invites highly motivated, energetic and dedicated persons to join our team.

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